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Photographing Your Pet

Commissioning Process



How To Tips

Natural Daylight - Its best to photograph your pet outside in natural daylight or facing a window if inside. Avoid direct sunlight though as this will cause shadows and hide detail. Bright yet overcast days are best.

Resolution - the higher the resolution of your camera or phone camera, the better as it will give a more defined image.

Level - the best photos are taken if you can get down to your pet's level or raise your pet up onto a table if this is not possible. Photos taken which look down on your pet do not produce pet portraits.

Eyes - It is critical to capture your pets eyes and it is good if they are looking directly at the camera. Use whatever distraction is needed to gain their attention.

Multiple Pets - It is not required to have all the pets in the same photograph if you want a painting with more than one pet in it. It is best to provide photographs taken at the same time and in the same conditions. It may also be good to have them in similar positions. Please provide a photo with your pets together for reference though, so that their sizes can be noted compared to each other and replicated.

The photos below are of family pets and though cherished photos, pros and cons about their use for portraits is discussed.


Commissioning Process

Thank you for considering commissioning a painting from June Cunningham Art. I hope the Following information about the commissioning process and terms and conditions is helpful. 

  • To proceed with a commission a 25% non refundable deposit is required. This will only be returned to you, should I have to cancel the commission for some unexpected reason. Should you wish to cancel the commission, the deposit will not be returned to you. 

  • An in-depth discussion, as part of the commissioning process, will be held to identify size of work, materials to be used, time-frames and price. 

  • Following agreement on a start  and completion date, I will keep you updated regarding the progress of your commission. 

  • Full payment is on your approval of the completed piece and is required on the completion date. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or PayPal and will be agreed as part of the commissioning process.

  • Your art work can be collected, delivered or posted to you, once payment has been received; delivery details will have been confirmed on payment of deposit. 

  • If you are unhappy with the completed piece, and do not wish to pay the outstanding balance, you will not receive the art work. 

  • June Cunningham Art retains copyright to the piece of art and may use it for advertising purposes or other purposes she sees fit. 

I hope these terms and conditions are favorable to you and I look forward to discussing the details of your commission further and working on your piece of art.