A time of year filled with lights, activity and shopping; hopefully some painting too.

It's reaching that time of year that is both exciting and stressful, but I've managed to be organised this year and things are going well. To be truthful, I've also had lots of family help.

To begin with I've arranged lots of fun activities from the panto, Christmas at the Botanics, meals at the Dome and a visit to the Falkirk wheel and the Kelpies. The thing that most excites me about these outings is light, seeing the light displays in all their colour and different formations. I find light so uplifting and joyful.

As you know my recent painting course with Peter Keegan has focused on painting light, using large, loose brush strokes and varying the thickness of paint. I finally finished Week Two, and have started Week Four, which is just at the earliest of stages. Eventually I may even tackle the painting from Week Three! I've added the portrait of my firend to hightlight the difference of using large abstract shapes to achieve form in the minds eye, rather than painting every detail. Both these paintings are on the same size of surface. I'm loving painting loosely but there is room to paint different styles for different purposes. For instance Reggie, the Great Dane puppy is painted in a style of lots of very fine detail.

Another area where I have been organised is with my Christmas shopping. To be honest, I am always organised as I love to shop. However, the kids have wrapped all my presents, put my tree up and the parcels are all sitting pretty underneath. This is the first time I have had my tree up in November, but it just means I get to enjoy the light longer.