A week of tiny birds and large stags!

It's amazing how quickly I have come to love writing this bog, updating you on whats been going on in my wee art studio (ahem, dining room). It's even become a twice weekly thing but this time of year is busy for artists and makers so I have more to talk about than usual.

At the weekend I was very brave, put some slap on because I'm not that brave, and I made my first video for instagram; an introduction to me as a person, rather than just written words and pictures. It was received favourably but to me, I became aware of a wide range of facial expression I never knew I had. To anyone who wants to hear my Scottish accent, here it is!

New Product Launch - I also have started preparing a range of festive season products including this card of a Robin, which comes either blank or with a festive greeting. I plan to add some other festive cards if I have time. As usual cards are £2.25 and five for £10 but members on this site and repeat purchasers will receive six cards instead of five. If people were looking to purchase bigger amounts I can work out a competitive price point to reflect this.

My usual spot for photographing my cards has been occupied by a trailing plant so I have used my new hall table. I need to invest in a lighting attachment for my phone to take better picture though. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.

I have just started my first landscape in a few weeks, based on a photo by the very talented Paul Young, @photeelover. Paul took this photo back in August, published it on a Facebook group called Scotland from the roadside and it was a huge hit. In fact, three national newspapers printed it that week. Paul graciously agreed that I could paint it and I have just started to the sky. I enjoy a bigger project and I know that I am going to love this one. In fact, I am so excited about it I was constantly thinking of painting it in my bed last night! I have decided to call it 'The Monarchs of Glencoe'. I'm sure Instagram will contain numerous progress shots and video at the end!