All about the Daisies!

Hi everyone. That’s us into February. I always feel relieved to get January over with although less so now that I don’t have to leave the house as much. It’s not like my life is that horrible, it’s filled with babysitting, swimming, visiting galleries and museums, going for coffee and art. Being disabled does bring challenges but it also brings benefits too; a leisurely pace and I can fill the day how I want to.

Recently I’ve been filing the days with cutting into Lino sheets to make prints. It’s so satisfying. I actually just love the carving stage. I have to make myself go and use the ink to print. My head is full of ideas of potential projects and exploring other types of surface. Eddie is trying not to grumble as yet another parcel of supplies is delivered!

One of my arty friends, Isha, and I are going to be doing a craft fair together, sharing a table and supporting each other as it’s a new venture for both of us.

As such I am trying to prepare and make sure I have some original art to sell. I’ve pulled out the watercolour paints again, but after 3 or 4 months, I’m rusty. I’m having fun regaining my abilities though and spent a couple of hours painting several pictures, though some were more successful than others.