Anyone for a prize?

What a busy week, yet I've got very little painting done. I've found that with a wee bit more success, there's a lot more admin type tasks, some of which I love. Writing this blog is one of the tasks I love and thats why I do it first every week. It's a good tool to let folk who enjoy my art and follow me know what I have been up to, if there are new paintings or products for sale and if there is any information that might be helpful. Thats why I want my blog to reach as many people as possible. So, this week I launched a mailing list drive and I know many of you have joined because of that. Thank you, I'm dancing inside!

Let me save you before you spend too long thinking of me dancing, and say that I don't want to stop there. I've got a competition going and when I reach my first 100 subscribers, I'm going to hold a prize draw and give away a set of Robin cards. So, please share my competition, my website address and encourage people to sign up. That way I can give away Christmas cards before Christmas!

These cards have been so successful, I'm thrilled. I've had a couple of wholesale enquiries and I'm so chuffed to announce that these cards will be for sale in one of my favourite shops.

Drum roll 🥁 ... LOVE RESTORED in Falkand. I'll be heading up a day this week to deliver them.