Back on the Oil!

Last week I started a four week tutorial on 'Painting Figures within an Interior'. This course finally got me back up into the studio and painting with my favourite medium, oil paints. As you would expect, I was a tad rusty but oh my, did I enjoy myself. Ive listened to the online tutorial several times as well as painting along with it and I've learned so much. Though my foggy brain struggles with processing and retaining information, when it is practical about painting, I seem to learn better. My thirst to learn and improve has never dried up. Anyway, here is my painting from the first week.

Peter offers a critique service which I think I will sign up for on the next course. However, I have just had to critique this myself. It's always good to reflect on a painting and think of what you could improve but also what you like. If you are interested about this, you can read my critique on Instagram where I've posted the painting. I was really looking forward to Tuesday for the second class, however I have ended up needing a nap day. I will paint it though, throughout the week and watch the tutorial several times, just like last week.

Now that I am back using oil paints, it is as if I have caught the bug again. I have spent quite a few enjoyable hours in my studio, painting and belting out tunes on spotify! The great news is that this enabled me to finally finish 'The Stags of Glencoe'. Once dried and varnished I will take the painting to be framed. I'm not sure on my plans for it after that, whether to look at any suitable exhibitions that I could potentially enter or whether to offer it to a gallery. Maybe I might keep it as it goes with my decor. One things for sure, I LOVE it and I've had a very positive reaction to it on social media, including from a very successful landscape artist who occasionally offers me support. He told me not to be afraid to approach galleries with it, which has helped my confidence.

I do plan to get prints made and possibly some other merchandise, such as mugs or cushions; I need to check