Blogs are like Buses

This week we finally got eight paintings back from the framers. I’ll be posting these over time, as I photograph them. Some are going on my wall, some on the website for sale.

I got two of the paintings framed in a box frame. My husband says that this portrait of me looks braw now that it’s framed. I can’t make up my mind if this is a compliment or insult.

I think it is representational of how we prioritise ourselves though. When I painted my husband two years ago, I went straight to the frame shop as soon as the paint had dried. I couldn’t wait to put him on the wall. Yet, after painting this self portrait as homework for an art course I was doing, it’s sat on the drying shelf for 12 months! We often put our own needs to the back of the queue. Who am I trying to kid?! Everything is my house is all about me! 🙄🤭

I also got this figurative piece framed so I could leave the rough edges exposed. A full description is on the website as this painting is for sale.

I was fortunate enough to get my stairlift installed this week. It’s been a game changer. I have a bag at the top and bottom of the stairs so that I can transport stuff too. Hopefully going ’up’ in all areas of my life will become as easy as it is for me to now get up the stairs. Here are some before and after as well as my prized small rainbow bags from Ikea.

I’m really inspired by loose styles of painting, which require the viewer’s eye to do some work. Those small canvases I accidentally ordered have allowed me to paint quick sketches, exploring composition and this style.

My cousin had taken the most gorgeous photo of the Forth Bridge in the evening and he has allowed me to paint it, as shown below. I plan on painting it again on a bigger canvas but this version was painted with bold strong brush strokes with an attempt to explore the larger shapes visible, rather than the detail. Again, capturing the light was a crucial part of the painting. I really enjoyed myself painting it.