Burst of Energy

Hi Everyone,

Never before have I written three blogs in a week, until today. I have had a burst of energy and with it, motivation to add new products to the website. Today I spent the whole day in the studio, after tidying it during the wee small hours of the night. Eddie was a tad annoyed as the clunking of paintbrushes being organised into their correct tins woke hime up!

Even though I say I was in the studio today, I was not painting; I was producing a new range of cards, using prints of my watercolour paintings.

I am so happy with how they have turned out, especially the vibrance of the colours. These are : Poppy Heads 2, Rabbit, Lioness, Squirrel WC, Thistle and Bee, Poppy Heads and Kingfisher.

I have also changed the design of several cards from square cards to these rectangle A5 cards. Those changed are Moonlit Stag and all the four Robin cards from Christmas last year.

Although there has been a price increase of 50p per card, there is now no charger for P & P so they actually work out cheaper. They are all available in my shop with other favourite designs.

My burst of energy has even extended to potting some plants I bought recently and directing my husband where to plant the bigger plants in the garden. I had bought some winter flowering pansies and I am really looking forward to having some colour in the garden during the cold, dreary months of winter. I've got no exciting photos of the plants potted up, just one of my knee, the dog and some compost and the other is of Eddie extending the baby swing into a full size swing for our granddaughter Harper. To be honest, I think the swing is taller that normal. She has a tiny chute and a giant swing!

I really enjoyed the time we spent outside yesterday, especially given we have a few rainy days coming.

In future weeks I am hoping that the products I have been trying to develop will be ready, or I wont have anything to talk about for months! I wanted everyone to know as quickly as possible though that the new cards were ready; I thought it would take me days to do what I've managed today so did not expect to be posting about them u