Down but not out!

I'm still struggling with fatigue following my cold and have barely lifted a paint brush. I hope this changes soon as I have a lot of paintings to paint and ideas to work on. Plus, if I'm not painting, I have nothing to blog about either! I'm so looking forward to finishing another 3 robins and the large painting of The Monarchs of Glencoe.

I'm hoping to be able to pick up prints of my first robin painting tomorrow. I've already had to order extra so I'm very thankful to folks that have ordered one or even two!

Packaging has continued to be a task that I've kept working on, from ordering postal tubes and envelopes, to choosing tissue paper etc. I'm ridiculously excited over the stickers! I had looked at card claps (little stickers that hold the card closed around the envelope in the middle) which are more environmentally friendly than cellophane, but these are many times more expensive, a cost I can't currently manage. I'm will trial other packaging methods and ask which you prefer though. I feel a poll coming on!

Last week I did manage out the house briefly to the framers. I'm so excited to see how the portrait of Horse looks once framed. I'll then need to arrange a handover.

Anyway, I'm off to get another cup of tea!

Stay safe and keep well everyone, especially during these awful times.

Bye for now, June