Features, Reviews and Commissions

I have been floating on a cloud this week, when one of my paintings was featured on the Home Page for the website of Painters Online, and also as a post on both their Facebook and Instagram page. To receive any recognition is a wonderful thing, so I, of course, milked it for all I could, including making this wee video, just in case anyone had missed any of my previous eleventy posts about it!

I have been gradually updating and adding reviews to my website and I received one from a customer this week for a commission of Norman that I painted in May.

I also received a review from another customer this week, who had just gotten her print of Meadow of Flowers framed. These have both been added to the review section here but these photos are of the instagram posts I made for them.

I know that I should make these review posts uniformly, to give a theme to my Insta page, but truthfully, they are just so much fun to design to use the same design over and over.