Four Stags and a Review

It’s been a week of works in progress, none yet finished. At last, I have made good progress on my larger painting, 60 x 40 cm, Stags of Glencoe with only the actual deer to complete. I've already had a note of interest about potentially purchasing this. I’m planning on getting giclee prints of this painting made and considering other merchandise as I think it will be a popular design. What do you think? Would it look good on a mug, a tea towel (dish towel as they were previously called) or maybe even a cushion? A wonderful photographer, Paul Young, gave me permission to paint his photo that he captured last August.

I started another painting on a black canvas, this time by Lawrie Brailey, of a stag drinking in the moonlight, reflected in the water. I thought it would be a good partner to Artemis, the moonlit owl. Once finished, I am actually considering entering them both into a competition, with hopes they may get to the exhibition stage.

I have another venue lined up otherwise to display some of my paintings when lockdown is over, this time local, which I’m very happy about. It’s good to have some news for another day though, eh!

This week I applied for a bursary to allow me to take some more painting classes. For instance, I’d like to develop a fine, detailed style to add to my looser style that I’m working on. To be honest, I just love learning new and honing existing skills. I always have. I believe 100% in lifelong learning and even though my brain can be foggy (it’s my age, what can I say), I’m planning to keep it in working order for some time yet and learning helps with that. Fingers crossed, I’m successful - for the bursary that is.