Fundraising Portrait

I've had such a busy but enjoyable week with lots going on.I've been painting this portrait of Horse Macdonald, a singer and recording artist who is from Fife. She has often performed at my local theatre, the Adam Smith Theatre. Covid 19 has been particularly harsh for theatres and those whose livelihoods depend on them being open. There is a fundraising initiative called #Art4thearts where theatre related portraits are painted to raise funds to help. I wanted to be able to do my bit and chose to paint a portrait of Horse as I love her music. I often listened to it whilst painting. A few years back, Walter Neilson, a professional photographer had an exhibition of #FamousFifers and Horse was one of the Famous Fifers photographed. Walter kindly gave me some of his photographs of Horse for me to choose from, so I had as good a reference photo as is ever possible to work from. I was very lucky indeed. Thank you so much Walter.

Once the painting is dry, varnished and framed, it will be handed over to Fife Cultural Trust to either sell or raffle. Its been so exciting to paint Horse, she has the most amazing eyes, which I hope I've captured. If she ever sees it, I hope that she likes it!