I've been Framed!

Hi everyone,

This is my second blog in a week after none for six months. Truth be told, this is giving me distraction from the boring film Eddie is watching.

I've been painting a lot this week. I'm obsessed with the style of line and wash having taken a class by Judith Farnworth. I'm really enjoying this style, the freedom and looseness plus the choice to use vibrant colours. Here are some of my paintings from this week, which vary in size and are currently added to my shop.

As you can see, puffins have been a strong painting interest this week!

I have been busy adding other products to my shop too. These are also watercolours but I have framed them. I think they look fantastic.

These two kingfishers can be bought individually or as a pair. My painting of a thistle and bee has also been framed and I absolutely love it.