Long time no see!

Hi everyone, I know that it has been a while. Many of you know that I have health issues and in the past year my mobility has failed. Well, that all has an impact on my energy levels and ability to spend time painting.

After my last post I stopped painting altogether, for several months. I still had the need to be creative so I took up life drawing and started learning to paint in watercolours; a medium which was a huge challenge. I can complete a painting quicker than in oils though so it lets me practise art using less energy. It also lets me experiment more and I find I get a lot more ideas for projects. For instance, I'm trying out an illustrative style so I can draw a story for my grandaughter Harper, who loves to ride on my scooter. After all, her pushchair lacks a horn that she can peep.

I have been doing some online tutorials with Judith Farnworth and that has helped me a lot too. This painting of poppy heads was from one of her classes. This sold on the same day that I posted it to my Instagram grid.

My website has been in need of attention so today I added a section on watercolours, added some paintings to my shop and made it possible for people from Canada and U.S.A to buy from my website. I plan to add some new card designs over the next few weeks, plus some merchandise I've been working on lately.

Hopefully it wont take 6 months for me to write my next blog!