Marking holidays, a competition and to train or not to train.

There are many reasons that I love holidays. Most of them are time spent with family, many allow me to give gifts, which I really enjoy but now they are also an excuse that allows me to wear funky tights. This is me with my Halloween tights, now retired until next year, and I've already purchased my Christmas tights, though this year I am being refrained and going for designs that I can wear throughout the winter. I will be wearing my pair of elf tights from last year too. Let me tell you, Eddie loved the red and green stripes - NOT.

Do you enjoy the holidays? If so, what is special about them for you? Other than special outfits and events, I really enjoy giving and choosing presents. I try to support small businesses as much as possible too, so I know that my gifts have extra value; they've helped a small business to survive.

My last few blogs have highlighted some of the products available from my shop, from original art in oils and watercolours, framed watercolour paintings, prints, soft furnishings, small lavender bags, cards and Christmas baubles. This week I picked up my Christmas baubles which were more lovely than I expected. The quality or printing is exceptional, printed on both sides of each 7cm ceramic disc. I had hoped to stage these using a garland I bought early for the stairs but my energy has been too low. However, as you can see from these photos, on the fabric of my dress and against card, they are beautiful. I've already had to order more stock.

Each bauble is £8 and will come in a small box, or you can purchase two for £15. I think they would make a special stocking filler. I've been lucky enough to have received the gift of decorations for my tree several times in the past and each year that I hang them, they bring back treasured memories. I give my kids a new bauble each year too, so that in many years from now, their tree will tell a story of their lives, events and people. No guesses required what they will be hanging this year!