Plans, Paintings, Progress and more Plans!

Last week I spent a lot of time on goal planning and ticking boxes. I have been planning for my art business as I have a vision on how I would like it to be at the end of 2021. Some of this involves applying for membership of groups and entering competitions which I think will help me raise my profile, as well as looking at possible venues to display my art, should we ever reach the other side of this! I've been doing some work in these areas.

Building my profile involves me developing a strong media presence too, which is good because I love (read addicted) building Instagram stories. It too is a creative process and they are much quicker to complete than a painting. @BringtotheParty has training on how to build good instagram stories and get the most of these, so I completed that last week, which was very worthwhile. If you are new to stories and want to build a brand through these, I highly recommend this training. I also met one of my school friend's sister through doing the training. It's a small world!

Do you follow me on social media? If not, I can be found as @junecuninghamart of Facebook and Instagram. Do you have any feedback about my posts? What do you like, what can I do better, what would you lie to see? I am always open to positive critique and suggestions.

Last week I showed you the portrait of Marion Cotillard I had just completed, which had been trending on Instagram. This week it was featured on the Painters Online Instagram and Facebook pages. I was thrilled to bits, especially as it is the second portrait of mi