Read what others think about June's art!

The content of websites is decided by the author and they put their slant on what they write, recording their own thoughts. Art websites do also show paintings which give readers and viewers an honest reflection of reality, the truth for people to view and decide for themselves. However, it's also good to be able to read the thoughts of others who have actually purchased what is advertised. As such, I've added a review page and I will add to this over time.

This week I have been painting a robin, which sold just after I posted a picture of the beginnings of the painting! I've kept the buyer updated of my progress as well as posting on Instagram and Facebook. I love taking progress shots as a painting comes together so I can make a 'time-lapse' video of the journey. The process of producing art is art after all.

Anyhow, I also got asked to provide prints and I now have a list of customers looking forward to receiving a print when they are ready. This has all been going on and the painting is not even finished yet!

After painting a larger portrait, its been so good to be using bright colours; not a flesh tone in sight! Here is my progress on 'Robin' so far.

Prints will be available from my shop once they are ready, at a festive price of £12 plus postage. These will make a great gift. I may even explore adding the wee fellow to some other merchandise. 🤔 We shall see!

Finally, I've spent some more time at the computer and I have produced an information guide about commissioning an original painting from me. This is currently available on request but I also intend to add it to the website, I just need to work out where!

Enjoy the weekend everyone. I'm going to be painting but will be seeing my family, in a restaurant, of course, and babysitting my grandchild for a we while. It's going to be fun.

Bye for now, June 😃