An exhibition, the cold and shopping!

This week I have been choked with the cold and Ive been too poorly to paint. I'm up early today though and fully intend to get back to my brushes! I still managed to shop though, ordering in stocks of envelopes, packaging materials and a light box and tripod to be enable me to take better photographs. I used the tripod yesterday to make another wee video but I will need to learn how to edit these. Even at my age, every day is a school day!

My excitement for the week though, was that Fife Art Exhibition is now open, albeit online. There's a wealth of talent in Fife and some of the artistic talent is shown in this video, set to beautiful and haunting music "Underwater" by Meydärn, very apt as the theme was Fife Coasts and Waters. I'm really chuffed that my entry, Fife Coast; Loved by Dogs, is exhibited and can be seen towards the end of the exhibition video.

This second video is a 'time-lapse' of the progression of my painting.

Stay safe, keep well and enjoy the week.

Bye for now, June x