Time Well Spent?

Art has taken up quite a bit of my time in the past two weeks, yet I feel I have no new finished work to show you, just works in progress, though one of these is not long started.

However, I do have three new card designs to show you which I will be launching this week. These are; Long Tailed Tit, Poppies and Stag by Moonlight. These are available on my website but can also now be accessed from Facebook and Instagram as I now use the shop function. I’ll advertise this ability when I launch the cards. If you are interested either keep an eye out or send me a message.

I'm also putting my small painting, 6 x 6 inches of a Long Tail Tit up for sale. It is oil paint on wooden board and is £50. It will be available to purchase from my website or you can send me a message if you are interested.

I’ve been enjoying my class with Jean Pritchard, wildlife artist, and this is the progress I have made on the Polly the female Cairn Terrier so far. I’m still pretending it is a male Yorkie as it reminds me of this photo of our much missed wee Bracken, which is one of our favourite photos. I think it is the pose rather than likeness.