Vaccinations and Voyages

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

These are still difficult times, unfortunately, and we have all had to alter the way that we live our daily lives. For those of us lucky enough to have not been personally affected by Covid, this struggle has included finding new ways to achieve fulfilment and find joy. Whilst I count myself very lucky, as I've had my husband home and we have been able to see our granddaughter, I've felt the need to actively seek joy etc more strongly, probably as a coping strategy to just get through. I miss the planning and anticipation of travel, even day trips with the family. I miss going to my pottery classes with my auntie. I miss all the simple pleasures, such as coffee with a friend. Thankfully, I've had my art to turn to and I thought I'd share how it is helping me.

I spoke last blog about the training courses that I was doing, including my homework of producing a self-portrait. This led me on an introspective journey and instead of just showing the best of me, I was intrigued how to show other sides of me.

After showing the well-groomed me, I drew a quick sketch of the opposite; how I looked after a difficult outing. Things had not gone to plan, the event had not been what we had so often dreamed it would be and it had been physically challenging. I felt broken.

When reflecting on who I am as a person, I obviously thought about the roles that