Welcome 2022, let’s be pacing you!

My first blog of 2022. How’s your first couple of weeks been? Did you set any resolutions? I did and I didn’t. Yup, only I could do both at the same time; let me tell you how.

I decided that I was not going down the path of new year, new me. I’ve been working hard on my mental health lately and decided I was really quite fabulous so no new me was required!

However, I always want to achieve more with my art, improving my skills and abilities plus increasing my business scope. Last year I set off with all these wonderful plans, taken from a business plan I wrote in autumn 2020. It was a tough year though as I came to terms with becoming physically disabled. I eventually realised I had to let go and just allow things to happen when they could. A good lesson. Did I learn it? No!

So this year I again started with all these wonderful business plans in my special diary that helps you plan and implement your business goals. At least this year it only took me about ten days to realise that I just had to go with the flow and not put pressure on myself; to practice art or work on my business when I had energy and felt inspired, and to not if I was feeling exhausted or poorly. Yet I did wrestle with this because I’m always questioning myself whether I am exhausted or just have a lack of motivation, even though I know it’s fatigue. Doh! Having taken the pressure off myself, I’m having a good week. Are the two are connected, well, who knows?

As usual, I’m trying to develop my skills range and I’m taking another course with Peter Keegan. This time it’s called ‘Escape to the Winter Sun’. Again I’m being challenged to paint in a different style, quickly, impressionistically. with varying brush strokes, with less emphasis on realism. So Far I’ve completed the paintings from Weeks one and three.