What a Little Bird Told Me

Has everyone had snow? We live by the sea and if we have snow, it's usually bad for everyone else! It is at this time that we need to reduce the size of our steps and walk like a penguin, especially if it is slippery; that way we can keep our feet!

My husband built a snowman in our garden. He may not be well dressed but he was 7 foot tall and is the only big thing getting a mention in this blog, which is about all things small. Don't worry though as a little bird told me that SMALL can still be GREAT!

For quite some time I've been trying to find a balance that allows me to both paint and want to paint every day. After fighting against this, trying to ignore it and even taking a break, I've learned to paint small, whilst achieving more. As I mentioned in my last blog, I've been reading a book called Daily Painting by Carol Marine and she encourages to paint little but often, daily if possible. She also suggests to actually paint small paintings as so much can be learned from these, in terms of composition, style, colour and tone and because they are small, the painter is more likely to feel free to experiment; if it doesn't work out, it is ok, as you've only spent a few hours on it rather than weeks or months. This sounded just what I was needing on many levels, including aiding me to find balance.

I started with small painting this week, including painting the Long Tailed Tit, 6 by 6 inches. Long Tailed Tits are such little birds yet they seem to have big characters; well they certainly look that way to me. This was painted from a reference photograph by Steve Williams, which I found on a Facebook page offering reference photos that artists can use for free. This seems such a small gesture but makes a huge difference to artists. I had such fun painting this and I am quite pleased with the loose style and end result.