Due to being disabled, my health can vary. In 2021 I have suffered from fatigue a lot and my mobility has deteriorated significantly. Each daily task uses more energy than if I was not disabled, my condition causes inflammation which eats my energy as does dealing with chronic pain. This meant that I didn't feel able to paint as much as I used to and I spent less time in my studio. I missed painting though so I bought myself a set of watercolours.

I thought it would be easy to use this new (to me) medium. How wrong I was!

This is a video of my journey from not having a clue to beginning to grasp what to do and the images below are a selection of my paintings as I played with styles, composition and subjects. I painted outside, on holiday and at home. 

Watercolours allow me to pace myself and experiment quickly. As I can finish a painting more quickly, I have more time to rest and often have a snooze during or after. I also love the ideas, the inspiration that comes from the speed of this medium.